the story (Dutch) behind the MYSKYLINE©



Inspired by the many trips, Singrid van Waarde from the Netherlands made her first model of the wooden wall map, the Wooden MyWorld © in 2006. Since then, the special work of art found its way home to living rooms, universities and offices around the world.

The Wooden MyWorld © is still made by hand by the designer itself. And, if required, adapted to the customer's wishes. Choosing a country or a continent is also possible. Each wooden world map is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Wooden MyWorld © is 10 mm thick and has a process containing a lot of handwork and finaly finished with hardwax. Beech wood slats and a magnet system are used for the hanging. And of course you can move the map without damaging the wall.
In the implementation can be chosen from different types of wood, with black walnut and oak as the most used. This wooden world map hangs several inches off of the wall, leaving a beautiful shadow. The fixing of the Wooden MyWorld © is very simple by the clear instructions supplied and easy to remove when moving. Only the drill holes will remain in the wall.

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